Time to take our Country Back, Part 2

Time to take our Country Back, Part 2

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By John Velisek USN (Ret) | April 30, 2015 | www.coachisright.com


There are steps we can take to return the United States to its founding principles.

For starters:

1.) It is necessary to change the views of the low information voter. The Obama administration controls these people and purchases their votes by providing their benefits for “free.” The left are professionals in the creation of class warfare/envy. Welfare must be ended except in very specific, very limited cases. A healthy economy, free of the burdens deliberately placed by the left on enterprise and job creation can provide the necessary employment. The patriots of this country must be as vocal and as persistent as the leftists by demanding people work for what they receive.
2.) Overreach by the Executive branch, with its czars and bureaucracies must be brought under control. How do we do that? By electing politicians to office who will do what they say abide by the law and base decisions on constitutional grounds. Our last chance may be in the 2016 Election.

3. Understand that whatever the cost, we must fight to reclaim our liberty. We need to make our voices heard, in the media, in the community, in the voting booth. It is time to speak up whenever we must and say “No, you are wrong.” Silence can no longer be an option.

4. Start the conversation and don’t be afraid of what anyone may say. Verbal attacks that have been the hallmark of progressives must be met with verbal attacks of our own. If they want to talk over you, talk louder. If they want to ignore you, get in their face. Our President once said they he would bring a gun to a knife fight. I don’t think he meant it literally, but we need to do the same. Inform yourself, inform others however you can.

5. Be willing to depend upon others as quality people can make for a fine support group. You may be able to support one another to move forward. Talk to family, friends and importantly pastors and other people of faith. All our freedoms are from God and those who believe and follow the word can be a great assistance. If your church believes in the Bible, word for word, the help which can be derived from faith may be greater than you could ever imagine. Remember that it is not the responsibility of others to take care of, support or pay the tab for anyone unless they choose to do so.

6. Individually, we must start with our communities, our city councils. A collective voice can change things at the community level. Everyone must be included and neighbors must work together to make things better for all.

7. ALL people must be included in the Conservative conversation as we reveal and fight liberal bias. The Republican Party has shown that it cannot be trusted to advance the conservative agenda. Our country is an amalgam of all heritage, so why not built on that.

8. Ignore the media. Both the mainstream media and academia are profoundly liberal/socialist and can never be depended upon for the truth. Gather news and information from people who think as you and want to help in retaking our country.

In the world today there is endless persecution of people of faith, of conservatives, of anyone not toeing the socialist-progressive line. But even some progressives will acknowledge the fact that the tide is turning. People are beginning to understand that freedom has been stolen by power hungry legislators. Patriots understand that it is their leadership that will allow Americans to survive the socialist agenda of the Obama Administration. It is time to stand up and fight back. The United States must return to the days of individual liberty and responsibility. We will be silent no longer.

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