Taking Our Country Back, Part 1

Taking Our Country Back, Part 1

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By John Velisek USN (Ret) | April 26, 2015 | www.coachisright.com

During the past weeks I have written about some of the challenges which face the United States (4 parts). I admit that much of it presents a dismal picture. I have received responses saying there is nothing we can do, that the challenges are just too great. But I disagree. There are things we can do. Change will always be painful for some, but the future well-being of the nation depends upon their implementation. Perhaps what follows is part of the answer.–JV

We can take our country back. The petty insults we endure each day have nothing to do with debating the issues and focusing on what it takes to move the country forward. Free speech was never meant to substitute for the downright lies of officials supposedly working on our behalf. The shoot the messenger policies of Saul Alinsky, which have been employed to perfection by Hillary Clinton and the rest of the left are designed to deter meaningful debate about real issues. That is, when lies, misrepresentation and distortion will not serve to prevent embarrassment of the left, it’s time to attack those responsible for putting leftists on the spot. One need only look at the media assault on Rand Paul or Scott Walker to find that real issues are being avoided.

This is all based on the concepts of multiculturalism and political correctness, both progressive concepts that have been tried and are failing miserably in Europe. Also like Europe, God has been relegated to a secondary position in America. Our government will bow to Islam, but Christians are considered second rate. Many do not want to live within the moral parameters upon which the nation was founded. Christianity has been pushed out of the public square and the churches that remain are to some extent responsible for their own decline by allowing political correctness into their pews.

The beliefs of today’s politicians are a far cry from those of the Founders. There are few responsible adults in charge at either the federal or state level. Upon winning at the polls, many politicians ignore the constituents that elected them. Rather, they work with corporate lobbyists in order to enrich themselves and gather funds for re-election.

Low information voters are more interested in American Idol than American politics and that has to change. How to accomplish it? We have to make the low information voter understand what the consequences are to them personally if they continue to ignore what their elected officials are doing.

Also, the American people must turn to God. We have to understand that out of wedlock births, expanding the welfare state and socialist policies do not assist in the progress of this country. Parents have to be given the opportunity to decide whether they want the respect of others, or just want to vegetate in the current situation in which they find themselves. That starts with parents taking responsibility for themselves, their children and their circumstances. The American people can provide help along the way, but progress depends upon individual initiative. No more coddling, no more excuses and most of all, no more money. No country can afford a perpetual underclass of parasites. Everyone must be responsible for himself and his own family. This means an end to blaming others for your circumstances. Irresponsible people have only themselves to blame.

It was the understanding of America’s citizens that the fruits of their work and the property they amassed provided a passage to respect, and were theirs to keep. This led to even greater individual responsibility and productivity. Leftists have encouraged the creation of an underclass that feels another’s productivity is something to be shared by all. The confiscation of another’s property whether through a government entity or by outright theft ( not much different), must be used to promote equality. This is not charity, this is theft. Blaming income inequality for a nation’s ills is a socialist concept meant to create envy. Those who believe that others in this country owe them a living are the product of generations of liberalism. They are used to produce votes and nothing else. But I and others like me who have worked at whatever we could find from an early age don’t owe you anything. The welfare state MUST be disassembled.

So how much should we tolerate? In the past, God and morality were part of the foundation of our country. It is still the case for the majority of the country. That the national media will not make their presence known doesn’t mean they don’t exist or that their numbers have dwindled. The American people are tolerant. But how many kids on drugs have parents who are on drugs; parents who don’t really raise those kids or even try to keep them out of jail? Our country has tried to help, but the important point is that they DON’T WANT HELP. THEY ONLY WANT TO TAKE. Fine. Take government benefits away from them and when they complain, put them to work for those benefits. It is unfortunate, but some people have to be forced to respect themselves and others.

Our colleges have free speech zones, our government is looking at all our emails and suppressing ideals and concepts it disagrees with. Demanding that our government follows the rule of law is not an extremist viewpoint. It is built upon a solid foundation provided by our Founders. And in many ways there is not all that much difference between what the colonists went through–taxation, overregulation, property seized, communications monitored, disdain on the part of “elites” in the ruling class, oppression and very real threats to liberty—and what we are facing today.

The colonists found themselves in an untenable position. So they attempted to plead the case for freedom, were rebuffed, which led to civil disobedience, and eventually the Revolutionary War.

It will take grassroots activism to change the path the nation is currently on. Our inalienable, that is, God given rights must be restored. Government must be taught once again that it will be permitted only the powers granted in the Constitution. That will be a hard lesson and one which only force will cause politicians and bureaucrats to accept. We can no longer wait.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)
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