Evil Atrocities ISIS is Performing on Christian BABIES

Posted on 5 October, 2014 by Dylan, gopthedailydose.com

CLERIC from Islamic State kicking the CHRISTIAN BABY

According to Setting the Record Straight, a three-photo series purports to show a cleric from the Islamic State kicking and then stomping the baby of a Christian couple because they refused to convert to Islam. Unfortunately, such brutality is commonplace among the Islamic State, who views anybody who’s not Muslim as an infidel worthy of dying a horrific death.

It’s unclear where the photos were taken, and as always such reports should be read with a degree of skepticism. However, after seeing photos of children’s bodies that have been decapitated, and their heads placed on spikes while the barbarians of the Islamic State celebrated their slaughter, it’s not too hard to believe these are authentic, nor is it unrealistic to think they would do such a thing.

You read that correctly; the absolute MONSTERS in ISIS are STOMPING on innocent Christian BABIES because their parents refuse to convert to Islam. These animals need to be killed; not just attacked, but wiped off of the face of the planet. In their eradication, the Christians in the Middle East can find peace.


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