Deleted Yahoo News Story from January May Have Revealed the Truth About the Ebola Outbreak

By Dean Garrison, October 6, 2014,

With the harsh reality of Ebola now being in America, I have been thinking a lot about an article we republished earlier this year. This morning I decided to read it again. The article was actually a report about the avian flu virus as it was starting to spiral out of control in China. The story contained a short quote, and was largely based upon a report, from Yahoo News.

Ebola Virus

Ebola Virus











The reason I remembered the story is simply because of the warning it contained:
…the next plane could bring a pandemic to the U.S. or anywhere else around the world.

Isn’t that what we just witnessed?

It remains to be seen whether this will become an American “pandemic,” but the groundwork has definitely been laid for such a possibility.

The link to the original Yahoo News story is now dead, so it was either deleted or moved, but below I am going to post an excerpt from Mac Slavo’s commentary and reporting of the story at the time.

What’s even scarier is the fact that the Chinese have been unable to contain the novel H7N9 strain of the virus and health officials the world over are getting ready for the worst. It’s spreading and we now have confirmation that the virus has begun appearing in other countries.

On Thursday, billions of Chinese will be on the move to celebrate the Lunar New Year, creating ripe conditions for the spread of the influenza virus from those already infected. And many of those celebrations will include chickens, the primary carriers of H7N9. In addition, with the Winter Olympics, one of the world’s largest sporting events, just two weeks away, the virus could find the ideal conditions for breaking out.

And that means the next plane could bring a pandemic to the U.S. or anywhere else around the world. “The bottom line is the health security of the U.S. is only as strong as the health security of every country around the world,” says Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

“We are all connected by the food we eat, the water the drink and the air we breathe.”
Why did this story stick with me for so long? Honestly my memory fails me at times, I’m getting old, and I thought the story was about Ebola, but it goes beyond that.
I have been blogging for about two years now and I have noticed that propaganda tends to be a drawn out, yet completely deliberate, process. Each story seems to build upon the last. If you want a perfect example of that just look at the American reaction to a possible war in Syria roughly a year ago versus the sentiments of today. One year ago, our soldiers were inopen rebellion against fighting on the side of terrorists and today the American public is begging for ground troops to be sent. Yet, Obama has made it clear that one of his goals is still to remove Assad.

I believe the whole thing was calculated. Suddenly most of us are on the side of the argument that we fought so hard against just a year ago.

My thought was that this Yahoo article was simply a seed sewn in the past about what might be about to happen now. It was a way of starting to prepare the American public for things to come. That may or may not be true. Anyone who reads my writings probably understands that I don’t trust our government at all. That is not understated. So maybe it was simply paranoia on my part, especially since they were talking about a different virus.

However, even though my reasons for retaining the information could have been markedly off base (it wouldn’t be the first time), there is still a very interesting admission in that excerpt. Is the CDC truly as prepared to handle a pandemic as we are being told? Whether it be Ebola, enterovirus 68, or something completely different?

Let’s again look at what our own CDC Director, Dr. Thomas Frieden, reportedly said back in January:

“The bottom line is the health security of the U.S. is only as strong as the health security of every country around the world,” says Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

“We are all connected by the food we eat, the water the drink and the air we breathe.”

Those words would seem to be common sense, wouldn’t they? Those words seem to admit that some things are simply going to happen and some events are largely beyond government control. What a novel concept!

Yet that doesn’t seem to be the story we are currently being force fed in America in October of 2014, some 8 1/2 months later. Don’t worry, everything is just fine.
As of a few days ago, Frieden is now claiming that prohibiting flights from Ebola ravaged nations will make an Ebola outbreak more likely here. What?

So the CDC has found a solution. That solution just doesn’t seem to involve any measure of common sense.

Here is an excerpt from a recent Melissa Melton report…

Someone please PLEASE explain to me how this makes sense at all. Please.
Now, CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden, the guy who couldn’t even go two minutes without contradicting himself on CNN about how Ebola is transmitted, is now saying that if we restrict air flights from the Ebola-stricken African nations, it will “backfire” and cause Americans to somehow be exposed to the disease.

What…? Am I missing something here?

Here’s the clip

Dr Tom Frieden, CDC Director

Dr Tom Frieden, CDC Director


“Even if we tried to close the border, it wouldn’t work,” the top health official added. “People have a right to return. People transiting through could come in. And it would backfire, because by isolating these countries, it’ll make it harder to help them, it will spread more there and we’d be more likely to be exposed here.”
(Dr. Tom Frieden, CDC Director)

“How exactly does that work?”                                                                             “Yes, how exactly does that work?” (Melissa Melton, MSNBC)

Good question Melissa.

I think most people can probably follow Frieden’s logic. I for one think that logic is fatally flawed. I simply don’t agree. For starters I don’t agree with the logic that a health care worker can volunteer to go to Liberia and expect to come home next month. If you are going to the Ebola hot zone, you should expect a period of observation before you return. Yes, you should be able to return home, but you should have to wait awhile. Let’s not forget that this argument doesn’t even apply to the Ebola patient in Dallas. He had no right to come here at all, at least at this time and in light of current circumstances. He isn’t even an American citizen.

To me this entire argument is more of an admission that the CDC has given up. They don’t know what to do. We can’t try to keep Ebola out of America with common sense measures because Ebola is somehow smarter than we are. That seems to be Frieden’s logic. Surely it doesn’t have anything to do with the money that is going to be made, does it Dr. Frieden? You wouldn’t be interested in making sure a pandemic starts here, would you?

I cannot say that I am overly surprised that the story that was bouncing around in my head is no longer hosted on Yahoo News, because in that article the CDC director basically admits that we have little control over what killer pandemic might enter our country. What he is saying now, however, seems to contradict common sense.
If you want to at least try to keep Ebola out, then by all means we should secure the borders and restrict air travel.

If you look at what remains of the Yahoo story you might find what I did. There is a serious admission from our own CDC director that we cannot protect this country from a pandemic, nor are we even remotely prepared for such a turn of events.
I don’t agree with that totally. As a Christian, I do believe that some things will naturally be beyond our control. I try not to play God or support those that do. But I think we have to attempt to do our part. Even if keeping Ebola out of America is unlikely, there still must be an effort to do so. And yes, our people do have a right to come home, but they can wait. In light of the circumstances that is not too much to ask.

So why are those planes still landing Obama?


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