St. Johns County Commission trying to raise Sales Tax on June 16TH

By Roy H. Hinman, II, M.D., Colonel (Ret.) (Island Doctors) |

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TAX PAYERS of St. Johns County

SJ County Sales Tax  -  Adding another Burden
The “Tax and Spend” county liberals are in the County Commission trying to raise your sales tax on June 16TH!!!

St. Johns County Commission on TUESDAY, June 16TH will discuss raising your local sales tax by one whole cent per dollar.

Meeting is at 9AM TUESDAY, June 16TH come or at least call them and tell them what you think of their plans to increase your taxes.

The county administrator, Michael Wanchick, has been quoted as saying that something as insignificant as a one cent sales tax should not bother the taxpayers of this county. While he thinks taking potentially 1% from nearly everything you buy is inconsequential for him, what does he think this saddling the poor and disadvantaged results in, other than more funding for another county government building such as the new 12 million dollar Public Works building? Does the term “regressive tax” not exist in his government dictionary?

The old Public Works building could be renovated at less than one tenth of the cost. So I guess he is not really that short of funding, is he?

County Administrator Michael Wanchick and liberal commissioners want to hide behind the “Tax and Spend” survey conducted, by who? Disinterested parties? Do we know if they are St. Johns County residents or outside business interests, such as Big Business in Jacksonville?

Those who hate to have their customers come and spend a day in St.
Augustine to buy big ticket items from our local merchants with our current tax advantage they wish to abolish? Mr. Wanchick, you will be the reason we lose this business.

No, we do not know who conducted the survey.  It seems they must remain anonymous, for reasons only the county administration knows. And what were the questions the Jacksonville survey company asked? Oh, we don’t know that either. Why, may I dare ask?

Perhaps questions were stated in such a way as to convince the surveyed folk that our tourist and seasonal visitors will pick up most of the cost. If so this would be a bald faced lie. Some say that facts don’t lie, liars figure and perhaps one could say that surveys don’t lie but liars can survey. That’s why knowing the facts of the survey are important.

As the liberal champion for this tax, Mr. Wanchick, why do you insist on wasting $250,000 on a special election to raise our taxes??? This type of “Tax and Spend” liberal plan was on the ballot here in 2008 and was handily defeated.

What part of the word “NO” do you not understand? That $250,000 wasted hard earned taxpayer dollars could be well spent on needed government services, but it seems that government waste is not an issue for you.

Citizens of St. Johns County, you be the “JUDGE”.

Call today and let your county commissioner know YOU DO NOT WANT A SALES TAX INCREASE !!!

James K. Johns, Commissioner, District 1: (904) 615-7437, [email protected]
Jeb Smith, Vice-Chair, Commissioner, District 2: (904) 325-4182, [email protected]
Jay Morris, Commissioner, District 4: (904) 814-9403, [email protected]
Rachael L. Bennett, Chair, Commissioner, District 5: (904) 315-7260, [email protected]
Bill McClure, Commissioner, District 3: (904) 501-0052, [email protected]

St. Johns County Citizens: Grab Hold of Your Wallets

This proposed sales tax is a Regressive tax. What does this 1% mean to you?
The bottom 40% pay the bulk of this tax. It limits your already tight budget for paying things such as:

• Utilities

• Food

• Mortgage

• Insurance

• Gas

• Car Payments

Our local car dealers, our outlet mall retail owners, our convention bureau, our small local businesses, and our residents on fixed incomes will all drastically suffer with a sales tax increase.

Thoroughly researching other options is critical.

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