Bear Clayborn on Gowdy Statement on President’s Executive Action on Immigration

By Dr. Bear Clayborn | 2014/11/21 at 10:00 am |
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RE: “Gowdy Statement on President’s Executive Action on Immigration” Press Release | 11/20/2014 |


Changing demography in America is affording Obama his illegal actions. Jonathan Gruber’s point of Americans being gullible and stupid is a truth to a point. When a citizenry is more concerned about celebrity status instead of security of the nation, such sets a precedent of serious problems of national identity and national spirit.

America must be retrained and relearned about its true history and foundational truths. America must be taught the history of liberalism and its place in world history and how the Democrat Party has adopted a foul unstable doctrine of life philosophy. But, having an unlearned generation of young-adults in world and American history is more than a challenge for future Conservative leaders or any truthful leader.

Now, couple an unlearned young adult generation with a permanent demographic change of incubating 30 million new illegal aliens through Obama’s amnesty action and you’ve created a very weak nation. This is in spite of our continued open borders.

Combine all of the above elements and you have a major problem of national identity and the ability to remain a sovereign nation. But, there is an answer to correct this terminally misdirected nation. A Republican president in 2016 is not the answer; it’s a good start in the right direction, but it’s not the answer.

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