Al Qaeda states their goal is to create “Al Qaeda Super State” Syria and Iraq

My Thoughts on the Syria Problem
By Dr. Eddie Fleming
September 5, 2013

The United States is funding the Syria Rebels who are not really Syrian citizens. The Syrian Rebels are truly Foreign Professional Terrorists working for Al Qaeda attempting to take over the government of Syria. This is not a true civil war as defined by history.
Two years ago, approximately July 2011, Christians, Shiite Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Alawites, and Jews all lived together in peace in Syria. Al Assad may not have been the most dynamic leader but he allowed all of his people to live in peace. Originally the true Syrians rose up for change, however, it is not the Syrian people who are now rising up today to take Al Assad from power. A Syrian citizen’s religion was never questioned prior to the invasion of Al Qaeda into Syria about 24 month ago.
There are many factions fighting in Syria at the present time. The two main factions are:
1. Free Syrian Army, FSA, an armed opposition structure composed of defected Syrian Armed Forces personnel and volunteers. The Free Syrian Army is often seen as the more moderate and secular part of the opposition, in contrast with Al Nusra. FSA is the least effective in fighting Al Qaeda.
Free Syrian Army, FSA, disadvantages:
A. The FSA is losing thousands of fighters to the Al Nusra Front each month.
B. The FSA is losing arms, ammunition and equipment to the Al Nusra Front.

2. Al Nusra Front, are Jihadist. The head of Al Qaeda in Iraq has stated that the Al Nusra Front is the Al Qaeda branch in Syria.
Al Nusra Front advantages:

A. Al Nusra Front is best equipped
B. Al Nusra Front is best financed
C. Al Nusra Front is best motivated

Millions of Syrian people support the Free Syrian Army against the foreign terrorist gangs and Syrians are supporting the government, more than ever before.
People are being beheaded and killed to get rid of the true population of Syria which is made up of Christians, Shiite Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Alawites, and Jews especially if the Rebels consider you to be a traitor or faithful to the Syrian Government. If you are a Sunni Muslim, the only way to survive, is to have the same intent of Al Nusra Front and Al Qaeda. Otherwise you will be beheaded or shot.
Al Qaeda in Iraq states that their goal is to create an “Al Qaeda Super State.” Syria and Iraq joined together under Al Qaeda rule.
By funding the Syrian Rebels the United States Government is handing the keys to Al Qaeda of that super state. By supporting the over throw of Al Assad we will be handing Syria over to Al Qaeda. The slaughter of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Alawites will be our responsibility.
I recommend you study “YouTube” Media by the Free Syrian Army and the Al Nusra Front to see things not being reported by the main US media. Then make up your own mind.

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