Rebecca Sharp for Florida House of Representatives, District 17‏

By Sandee Copeland

Hello Everyone:
If you’re on my e-mail contact list, there was a time when you received numerous emails from me about all things political on a regular basis. It’s been a long time. This message today is different. I need your help, and this is why. I’m writing because Rebecca Sharp needs your help.

Rebecca Sharp File Photo

Rebecca Sharp File Photo

Rebecca Sharp has qualified to represent the People of St. Johns County in District 17 in the Florida House of Representatives as a No Party Affiliation candidate. Rebecca is a Constitutionalist. Rebecca is a true Conservative. Rebecca’s opponent is Ronald R. “Doc” Renuart. Incumbent Renuart is an establishment Republican. Rebecca qualified to run against incumbent Renuart in 2012 and received a stunning twenty-seven percent (27%) of the entire vote. There were other candidates also. At that time, Rebecca had no mail-outs, no yard signs, no bumper stickers and no website. Twenty-seven percent of the total vote as an unknown. She had no help at all in those days, physically or financially.
Rebecca has again qualified in the contest for representation of the People of St. Johns County in District 17 in the Florida House of Representatives as a No Party Affiliation candidate. Incumbent Renuart has no challengers this time around with the exception of Rebecca so there will be no primary election. It will be a heads-on between Rebecca and incumbent Renuart in the general election in November. When asked recently by incumbent Renuart what qualified Rebecca for his seat, her immediate and appropriate response was, It isn’t “your” seat. It’s the Seat of The People.
This is what makes Rebecca Sharp’s election so important to all of us, and why I believe you will understand the importance of my appeal to you. Rebecca Sharp will not go to Tallahassee only for the people of St. Johns County. She will go for all of us in the State of Florida. She gets it. Her visions for solutions to the dilemmas that are devastatingly facing us every day are tangible. She’s a fighter beyond what you can imagine possible. The way she has fought for herself is the way she will fight for all of us in the State of Florida.
I want to give you an example of what I’m talking about. Look below at how she fought Wells Fargo Bank in her own behalf in TWO illegal foreclosure lawsuits and WON.

The US Report – The US Report – The US Report – The US Report – The US Report

“Embattled Florida mom says foreclosed home not in default”

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla.– Wells Fargo cut a local woman a check after she filed to foreclose on the bank.
Rebecca Sharp waited seven years for Wednesday. “Elated, absolutely elated and relieved,” said Sharp.
Seven years ago, Wells Fargo foreclosed on her home, claiming she didn’t pay her bills. She fought it, and the case was eventually dismissed. The judge ordered Wells Fargo to pay Sharp’s attorney’s fees. Months later, Wells Fargo still hadn’t cut her a check. “I was surprised it got to this point since its Wells Fargo,” said Sharp.
Two days after Action News aired her story, Sharp’s attorney got a call. “I was surprised,” said Sharp. “They saw it on the TV. I thank you for covering my story. I really appreciate it.”
On Wednesday, she got the check for $24,000. “It was just in the nick of time,” said Sharp.
She was close to losing her home again, because of outstanding Homeowners Association fees. While this check doesn’t cover all her costs, it means a happy holiday, and a warm place to call home. “It means I can pay off my HOA, live my life and go back to what it was like before all of this, happy,” said Sharp.
Sharp’s attorney says Wells Fargo told him they weren’t aware of what was going on with her case. We did reach out to the bank for a response. They said they were looking into it and would get back to us, but we haven’t heard from them yet.

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This is an excellent example of the FIGHT BACK POWER that Rebecca will take to Tallahassee not only as a Representative of The People of St. Johns County but for all of The People of the State of Florida as legislation arises which impacts both District 17 and the State of Florida as a whole.
Rebecca now has a website and this time around we can so easily spread her message and support her campaign for election to the Florida House of Representatives. Please go to her website and read of Rebecca’s many accomplishments in her lifetime, including a nursing degree, an accounting degree, entrepreneurship, and degrees in Theology. I know you will be impressed by Rebecca’s skills! Now imagine, with your help, what we can accomplish this time around. With your help, we can acquire the yard signs, bumper sticks and mail-outs we need to spread the word far and wide that a true Constitutional Conservative is waiting in the wings to go to Tallahassee and serve The People of the State of Florida!! She will fight for us like she fights for herself!!
But Rebecca needs your financial support to help her take real representation of all of us in the State of Florida to Tallahassee where she will take it to the mat for us if she has to. I’m helping Rebecca in this quest so I’m privy to her personal and private information. I can tell you that she has committed everything she has to the cause of Liberty and Restoration of a Constitutional government in America.
She has consistently sacrificed her personal needs for those of her campaign. I’ve watched her contribute to other campaigns and I’ve watched her on several occasions receive no support from the campaigns she donated to. But we’ve come too far to turn back now.
Rebecca needs your financial help, in any denomination that you are able and so inclined to give. I can’t walk an aisle with a bucket. I can’t stand in the middle of an intersection with a big can. But I can give your Rebecca’s website address and ask you to please go there and help send her to Tallahassee with your contribution. Contributions of time as volunteers are needed and so much appreciated, as well. Please, if you can, go there now and help send a true Patriot and Constitutional Conservative to Tallahassee by supporting Rebecca’s campaign financially and voting for Rebecca in November if you’re in St. Johns County, and helping spread her message if you’re unable to personally vote for her! We also ask for your prayers for this campaign because we do believe that our efforts have been sanctioned from Above.
To learn all about Rebecca, go to:
To support Rebecca’s campaign financially, please go to:
If you have any questions, please contact us at:
Thank you in advance for your help!!
Sandee Copeland
Executive Manager of Campaign Operations
Rebecca Sharp for Florida House, District 17
Telephone: 904.868.6583
Ms. Sharp’s Cell: 904.710.0347

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